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We recommend and sell SUPERBRIGHT Metal Polish. This is the only metal polish we use for finishing our products.

250ml Bottle @ $28.50. Add $6.50 for NZ wide delivery or $10 for RD addresses. Prices include GST.

Contact us to Order , and we will advise you on payment options.

What's so special about SUPERBRIGHT Polish?

It's like magic. I have been using this product myself now for five years, and it is the best product for specialised polishing I have ever come across.

It is a liquid and therefore goes a lot further than a paste (Autosol, Brasso, Silvo etc) It is very fine and therefore does not leave scratches like the coarser products (Autosol, Brasso, Silvo etc)

It is the most cost effective metal polish that I have ever used. I still sell other products such as Autosol for the die-hards who enjoy unnecessary hard work, polishing alloy etc and like to sit there for hours and hours, and then end up giving the job a run over with SUPERBRIGHT POLISH anyway to get rid of the fine scratches.

I have used SUPERBRIGHT POLISH on Alloy, Chrome, Stainless Steel, Nickel, Copper, Brass, Britannia Metal, Lead, Silver and even Gold. We have even used it on perspex, glass and paintwork, and it is excellent for removing water and rust stains.

It is superb on all these products and holds its shine for a long time.

Master Polisher with 36 years experience
Advanced Chrome Platers

151 Ellis St, Frankton, Hamilton, NZ (Map)